About Us

Formed in 2012, WKT Associates is a different kind of consultancy. We deliver coaching to senior managers and board directors of public and private companies. We are also committed to helping businesses develop employment and training opportunities for local unemployed people, in particular young people who are entering the workplace.

WKT Associates was established by Barbara Thorndick to offer personal and professional development skills. Previously, Managing Director of a social housing consultancy and Chief Executive of a social landlord, Barbara has gained a reputation for the strength of her development and governance skills.

She was aware of the need to help executives achieve their true potential and help develop the skills and confidence people need to take control of their careers and deliver greater value to their organisation.

However, unlike many coaching consultancies, the experience of Barbara and many of our other consultants in the social housing industry meant that WKT Associates also wanted to help organisations deliver employment opportunities and training, which would include appropriate coaching and mentoring for those who need to gain access to work such as the long-term unemployed and young people.

As youth unemployment soars and job opportunities retreat, we have been actively involved with the 'Give us a chance' consortium and will seek to improve the training and employment opportunities in new and innovative ways as part of the services we deliver.

    How can we help?

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