Our Approach

All our consultancy projects are highly tailored to match exactly your specific development needs. We understand that no two individuals are the same. We are committed to assisting you achieve lasting change to benefit the individual and the organisation.

Coaching can be a very different experience depending on the type of person you are. At WKT Associates, we understand that different people have different wants, needs and aspirations. We use a variety of methodologies to help people understand their impact, change behaviour and improve their performance.  Key techniques include:
  • Questioning techniques
  • Discussion
  • Role play
  • Reflection
All our projects are conducted in a supportive non-judgemental way that encourages, supports and challenges the person being coached to take courageous decisions and respond positively to change.      

Achieving positive outcomes

Our role is not to provide all the answers but to facilitate the process whereby people can feel comfortable and ready to take more control of their career and personal development. We help people to:
  • Better understand their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Solve problems
  • Set their own goals and methods of assessing progress
  • Take responsibility and commit to action

Rising Stars. Try us for yourself!

Rising Stars is our introductory offer. You can benefit from one free and six reduced rate coaching sessions to ensure we are the perfect match for your organisation.

Find out more on the Rising Stars page.

    How can we help?

    If you or your organisation would like some assistance to develop your senior team, please get in contact.

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